why the rucksack?

First of all, I happen to love the word. Rucksack. Let it roll around in your mouth. It's a great word. You can put anything in a rucksack. I just wanted a place to collect all my musings, rants, etc. that isn't permanent. You know, permanent like a journal or a diary is permanent. I already have one of those. But sometimes you just feel like writing random stuff, things for no good reason, things that you don't necessarily feel the need to have people reading 20 years later, and and have them wonder what was wrong with you and why ever did you stop taking your meds? I keep a journal [sometimes] and even maintain a family website with all the requisite cute pics and updates on what the kids are doing in school, but I wanted--no, I needed--a place to call my own. Just something informal and accessible. And so this blog is born.