another bevy of blossoms

There is a rather small orchard on the way to the kids' school that has been in bloom for the past several weeks. I see it in the morning as we drive past and I yearn to stop and wander a bit for some pictures. However, since our standard route leaving school is a different one and I am such a creature of habit, sadly I always miss getting out into the orchard to take some pictures. [I would never have time in the morning anyway, and I just can't take good pictures under pressure!]

Until yesterday, that is! I made a conscious effort to take the other way home so that we could pass by the orchard. It was perfect: the day was clear, balmy, and breezy and there was no pressure to leave before I felt like I wanted to. Even when the kids asked me if technically I was trespassing as we drove away. I gave a rather vague "no" in reply.

Not sure what kind of blooms these are, but even I can tell that they are different from the other pink blossoms I captured several weeks ago. A variety of stone fruit, I presume.

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Megan said...

Those are great pics. You really are talented! We have started seeing a few things bloom out here in the lone and dreary wilderness. It's so nice to see color around again. It's amazing how it lifts my mood.