new shoes

Found these little babies as we were leaving Morro Bay. We had just finished dinner with my parents and had stepped into a little shop nearby so the kids could have a look around before heading home. And there they were, tucked away into a little corner of the shop. And they're even size 5.5. My ultimate, perfect size. Many people do not even realize how difficult it is to get shoes in a size 5.5.

I think these shoes were meant to be.


Megan said...

Those are CUTE! But especially because you have cute tiny feet. That makes them look even cuter.

The Dixon Gang said...

Way cute shoes!!! I'm so jealous. I've been on the lookout for a cute pair like that, maybe I'll have to go to the coast for my "find"!!!

aisha said...

You know, I can always find cute stuff when I'm not actually looking. But when I'm looking for something, I just can't. Why is that?