the big "1-3"

As of yesterday, June 19th, two things have become official around our place.

What is the first, you query? Well, we now have a bona fide teenager in the house. Although he is not literally in the house at this moment, as the aforementioned teenager has been away at scout camp with his dad for the week.

And the second? I am now officially old. Huh. I had a feeling it would happen.

We celebrated Bailey's birthday before the guys left for scout camp last Saturday, and I think Bailey was pretty surprised. He had been asking for a particular Nintendo DS game, which he has been wanting for awhile.

Here's the birthday boy with his much-coveted Legend of Zelda game. He's all about the Zelda.

But wait, is there something else in the bag?

Seriously, people? Are you kidding me?

I don't have to borrow my sister's or my mom's DS anymore! Suh-weet!
And the birthday boy en route to give his camera-holding mom a heartfelt thank-you hug.

I so love surprising them! He's been wanting one forever, but I'd been reluctant to drop well over a C note for a handheld gaming system [Libby actually bought a used one with her own money several months ago, and mine was a gift]. I figured you only become a teenager once. And thank goodness for that.


Reed Family said...

Wow...the internet gets smaller everyday! We got a comment from the Dixons a while back too! Anyway, I can't believe Bailey is a TEENAGER! That so does not make you old though. It'll be good to keep in touch via blogging now!

Megan said...

Did he happen to go swimming that day? :) Love the hair.

aisha said...

Ha ha! Sadly no, he had not gone swimming that day. That is just Bailey's hair, otherwise known as STRAW. I know, because I have the same hair. You just can't tell because I grow my straw longer and can smooth it out with tools and product. The secret's out.

The Dixon Gang said...

Wow, that is crazy how old he is!!! Time certainly flies!!! He looks very excited to have gotten his game.