buddy's big 4

Summer birthdays at our house are the best! We have cake and ice cream for breakfast, to start the day off right, and then have presents right after. I got up early this morning to finish frosting Collin's cake before he woke up. And not a minute too soon, either! I had just gotten the last candle into place when Collin came downstairs, thrilled to see his Kung Fu Panda cake. I couldn't resist taking a picture right away-that's why he looks so sleepy here.

Time to make a wish and blow out the candles.

Nothing says happy birthday like a brand new red scooter! Finally, a way to keep up with those big sisters and brother around the backyard and cul-de-sac . . .

Collin in action in the backyard. Next stop: the front yard, but definitely with the helmet!

Happy 4th Birthday, Collin!


Emily said...

Cake for breakfast! What a cute birthday tradition. Happy Birthday, Colin. By the way, I love your family picture. You're going to have to share the name of your photographer!

Janessa said...

Hey! I found your blog and I LOVE it! Your kids are sooo big now:) Great pics:)