a crazy collinism

As the youngest of four children, Collin is constantly being told not to do things that are perfectly acceptable for his older siblings to do. Like using a knife at dinner. I don't put a knife by his place setting because frankly he isn't able to use it well enough to even bother, and I didn't want him to injure himself while sawing away at something. I didn't realize how much Collin was actually paying attention to my dinner table admonitions until the following incident occurred while dining out at a restaurant.

We are being seated at our table, which has a knife and two forks rolled up into the napkins at each seat. As we are getting settled in, I notice that Collin has unwrapped his silverware from the napkin and is staring at his utensils. Suddenly, he picks up his dinner knife and wields it proudly while exclaiming, "Mom, LOOK! It didn't kill me!"

I don't remember telling him that the butter knife might actually kill him, but apparently whatever I said made a pretty big impression!

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