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Yesterday our scouts met at the indoor poor at Sports Chalet to complete their scuba training for the Boy Scout Scuba patch. Owen had been scuba certified back when he was a Boy Scout, so he was anxious to get a refresher course in. They had a blast!! [Bailey is towards the back, to the right of my hang-tenning husband. Click on the picture to see it larger!] Next stop: open sea dive!
We are so lucky to have such a great scoutmaster-he really keeps the fun stuff coming for these boys and does a great job motivating them to learn as much as they possibly can in the scouting program. Just in the last month or so, Bailey has done his swimming merit badge, his snorkeling patch, Boy Scout camp with its attendant merit badges, and some other camp-outs and service projects. During camp he passed his Board of Review for his Life Scout rank, so now it's onward to Eagle! I was glad that he had his last Board of Review with someone other than his dad and mom [assistant scoutmaster and troop committee chair, respectively] so that he could have some experience interviewing with different members of scouting staff. I guess they're pretty tough on those Eagle Boards of Review. He's pondering possibilities for his Eagle project now. So exciting!

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Megan said...

Good for him! I got certified when I was about 14 but the last time we went diving was on our honeymoon. That's awesome that he is so into scouting. I remember a few years ago while we were at my brother-in-law's court of honor, that my mothe in law commented that because her sons were all eagle scouts, that all of her grandson's would be too. So, I'm under a little bit of pressure. What if they don't want to do it? I guess I'll be a failure as a daughter in law :)