week in review

Would you like fries with that?

Monday morning we sent Bailey off to another week of scout camp. This is the National Youth Leadership Training [NYLT Silver Bear] camp for the boys.

So it's been a quiet week. :) The silence ends tomorrow night.

Been doing LOTS of swimming. We are Fish, after all.

And the flower garden is still going strong. The ants appear to like the flowers as much as I do, so I had to organize a massive ant extermination. So far so good.

I had fun re-organizing our family picture wall to incorporate our newest family picture. I have so much fun with black and white photographs.

Next photo project: filling up two collage frames with fun family photos. Now I just need to find a good place to hang them . . .


Reed Family said...

First, your sunflowers are AWESOME!!! Second, I love your new family picture wall...the keys are very cool. I double-clicked on the pic to see it up close and the photos are all super cute!

Jen's World said...

Hey Aisha! I finally have a blog! Come visit The Renzi's at: www.hodgepodgehullabaloo.blogspot.com

britta said...

Of course Jon remembers you, and I have heard of you several times. Dan is good about keeping us updated on family. Thanks for writing me. I am adding you to my friends and family. We would love to keep in contact and keep updated on your family!